How To Create Golang REST API: Project Layout Configuration [Part 2]

$ go get -u
$ migrate create -ext sql -dir ./db/migrations create_user
go get -u
# remove all containers docker container
rm -f $(docker container ps -a -q)
# clear volumes
docker volume prune -f
# start app
docker-compose up --build
# connect to pg
docker container docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=pg --format "{{.Names}}") /bin/bash
# launch psql cli
psql -U postgres -W
# ensure both DBs still present
# connect to boilerplate database and list tables
\c boilerplate
# do same for boilerplatetest
\c boilerplatetest
# in both databases you should see users table
# migrate boilerplatetest db down
go run cmd/dbmigrate/main.go \
-migrate=down \
-dbname=boilerplatetest \

# you can now repeat steps from above to connect to pg container
# and ensure that users table is missing from boilerplatetest DB.

# now bring it back up
go run cmd/dbmigrate/main.go \
-migrate=up \
-dbname=boilerplatetest \



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Dan Stenger

Dan Stenger

Software engineer focusing on simplicity and reliability. GO and functional programming enthusiast